When you donate to Eve-Empowered Foundation, you’re joining a global network of men and women who, like you, are committed to making the world a better place by investing in women and girls. We provide tailor-made training and mentoring programs for emerging and established women leaders working to women’s economic advancement, children’s rights and HIV/Aids around the world.

Monthly Donors and Partners, sustain our catalyst commitment to empowering girls and women to create ripple effect community and subsequently a global change. With your sustained monthly gift, we can invest in more girls and women, broadening the power of our vision and mission. We will amplify the voice of those speaking without support and speak on behalf of the marginalised and voiceless, until they gain it back.

You may also make a simple contribution of cash or publicly traded securities directly to Eve-Empowered Foundation Partnership. Certain gifts of other, more complex assets may also be possible. You may also make a charitable donation in a manner that delays delivery of part or all of the charitable benefit of the gift until a later time, typically a donor’s death or the expiration of a term of years, and allows you, the donor, to benefit from the income produced by the gifted property your lifetime. This type of gift is often referred to as a “planned gift” or “deferred gift”.

Volunteering;  is the foundation of being a good citizen and servanthood.  

  • It’s not for money and or fame 
  • Nor for any personal gain  
  • It’s just for the love of nature 
  • To make a difference where we can  
  • It’s just to give thy self for the next person and for God’s Glory 
  • That is something you cannot but with wealth  
  • It is not for medals worn with pride 
  • It’s just for the feeling deep inside 
  • Even when we don’t feel like, we serve others